Oct 1, 2009

Economic Development - Major Assignments


Susan Schlupp is the lead specialist a number of programs, including:
Real Estate Management
Business Retention
Financial Incentive Programs
Project Management

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Bobby Gray is the lead specialist a number of programs, including:
TIF & Request for Proposals
Southern Gateway
Hotel and Hospitality Improvement Zone
Renaissance Park

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Rachael Parker is the lead specialist a number of programs, including:
Enterprise Zone
Façade Programs
Business Development Loans
Opportunity Center Project – Mixed Use Incubator
Impact Zones (School / Neighborhoods)

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Stephanie Grayson Doss is the lead on
Commission & Committees

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Detailed Assignments
Bobby Gray – Projects and Responsibilities:
Hospitality Improvement Zone TIF Development
Hospitality Improvement Zone Business District Development
Hospitality Improvement Zone Redevelopment Agreement
Provide oversight and administration of Peoria’s ten TIF districts
Coordinate/staff the TIF Joint Review Board (JRB)
Write Redevelopment Agreements for TIF Projects
Huber Edgewater redevelopment agreement
Huber Iron Front redevelopment agreement
D&B Developers Old Post Office agreement
JP Riverfront Developer’s redevelopment agreement
Fifth Avenue Fashions Façade Improvement Grant
Haddads Façade Improvement Grant
One World Façade Improvement Grant
Market the Gateway Building
Market the Visitor Center
Peoria Housing Authority redevelopment
River Trail Drive development
Southern Gateway TIF development
Warehouse District TIF development
HVS Hospitality Consultant Agreement
Assist in the development/management/tracking of the department’s operating and capital budgets
Provide staff support for Renaissance Park Commission
Manage and update the website for RP District
Monitor Development Departments’ marketing contracts and consultants
Manage Renaissance Park website and update ED Departments webpage
Write state and federal grants for Brownfield remediation
Write EDA, DOE, DOT and EPA ARRA stimulus grants
Write RFQ/RFPs for professional services
Heartland Partnership/Economic Development Council Regional Roundtable
EDGE Logistics Strategy Group
EDGE Energy Strategy Group
Conduct Business Recruitment and Retention visits
Riverfront Program Advisory and Policy Committee
City of Peoria One-Stop-Shop
Mayors Commission on Sustainability and Green Technology
Renaissance Park Commission
Renaissance Park Advisory Committee
Peoria Housing Authority Resident Self-Sufficiency Committee

Susan Schlupp– Projects and Responsibilities:

Negotiate, Implement and Administer TIF Agreements
Project Redevelopment
Enterprise Zone Administration
Financial Incentive Information
DZO Board

City Real Estate Management
Property Tax Exemptions
Volume Cap
Department Capital and Operating Budget
Contract Negotiation

Arc Mapping Information
One Stop Shop
Preparation of RFP’s
Professional & Technical Edge Strategy Group
Grant writing, monitoring, and reporting
Business Retention Program

Make Presentations Accounts Payable and receivable for Department.
Development of HIZ, Warehouse District, Eagleview, Central Business District, Southtown, Riverfront Business District and Riverfront TIFs
Participation in the Economic Development Council Roundtable


Rachael Parker – Projects and Responsibilities:

Manage the Business Development Fund - Low interest loan program
Coordinate/staff the Economic Development Stakeholders Meetings
Manage Façade Improvement Grant for the following area:
Sheridan Road, Prospect Road, Southern Gateway
Enterprise Zone Certifications and Expansions
Hale Plaza Project
Minority Business Development - Opportunity Center Project
Managed Pocket Park Grants for:
Goose Lake Neighborhood Association, Spring Grove Western Ave., Greenway
New Town Neighborhood Assoc., Old Town Historic District
EDGE Retail Strategy Group
EDGE Healthcare Strategy Group
Marketing for City ED Dept - Workshops, forums, presentations