Aug 19, 2009

25,000 SF to 40,000 Square Feet Needed

We are interested in building a data center in or around Peoria.   

25,000 SF to 40,000 SF buildings will work. 

We would like to evaluate buildings with access to 4MW to 5 MW of power in the area.  Send them as you find them, instead of a final list.

Redundant Power is the most important issue. 

Having one substation with plenty of MW of power available close to the site is good.

The ultimate Redundant Power is a site that can be fed by two (2) substations, which is rare.

Could you send a list of the fiber optic carriers in Peoria?     

The client will invest $15,000,000 to $20,000,000 in the build out of the site.

There will be 10 engineers there  and they usually make over $160,000/year.

I wish to have a contact at the power company serving these buildings.

Thank  you very much for your prompt consideration of the project.

Please send me your proposed buildings by email to 

Craig Hullinger

309 494 8640