Feb 13, 2008

Potential Riverfront Development

Email and drawings from our Environmental Engineering Consultant on the proposed islands.

Craig, Attached are the islands perspective that Paul and I put together for you. In the drawing, you will find an overview of the two islands with an enhanced existing shoreline; a vignette of a close-up view of the area between the two islands; and finally a colored plan view of the island component of the project.

I know you would like to swap the wildlife island and the recreation island. But after consulting with our landscape architect, we feel that the original concept should stay for both practical and various design reasons. Placement of the access ramp is best at the current proposed location. There may not be enough room to do so at the lower island because the bluff narrows down in that area. Also, we'd like to place the overlook tower to be aligned with Norton Street. Streets leading to the lower island are blocked by the PMP buildings. In addition, there needs to be a short separation between the Riverplex and the recreation island from a design standpoint. It is only a short walk between the two focal points; plus people will be able to enjoy the view of the river scenery and wildlife on their way to the recreation island.

Let me know if you need any quick changes to the drawing.

Jack T.P. Chan, Ph.D., P.E.
Water Resources Engineer

525 East North Street, Suite F
Bradley, IL 60915
Email: jchan@lrmg.net
Phone: 815.928.8990 x228
Fax: 815.928.8606


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