Jan 10, 2008

Potential Green Edge Plan

The potential Green Edge Plan for Peoria envisions a gradual conversion rivers edge of the Illinois River to green park space and new urban development. The City has created a great Riverfront Park in downtown. This park system could be extended north and south where possible. A road could be extended along this park, with new residential development on the side away from the River, eventually connecting to Grand View Drive at the north end. The River side would be kept clear of development, providing access and views of the park and river and lake..

More info at this group page address:

Green Edge Heart of Peoria

This is only a proposal at this time, and has not been fully considered or acted on by the City or Park District. We will present these preliminary concepts to the public for their review and input at a number of public meetings. Your thoughts and concerns can be made to Craig Hullinger at Hullingerc@gmail.com, or 309 494-8639.